A leather-wrapped Ferrari F430 gets fashionable with tattoos all over

Tattoos aren’t necessarily ways to turn just human bodies into canvases for the exceptionally beautiful artwork. French artist Philippe Pasqua proved just that, “tattooing” a Ferrari F430 instead, with the result leaving us jaw dropped and wide-eyed. The skin-colored leather-covered Ferrari F430 isn’t sported cheap vinyl tattoos if that’s what you thought at the first look. Instead, Pasqua tattooed his way across the leather on this supercar, making the car and the design and innovation behind it all unique. The tattooing done here is intricate, to say the least, and awe-strikingly well-detailed.

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To be showcased at the Galerie Laurent Strouk in Paris, this to-die-for leather and tattoo-clad Ferrari F430 could very well work as a perfect ride for those heavily-tattooed rock artists whose pockets grow deeper by the day!

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