A lightweight and powerful $45,000 racing Fairwheel Bike

Opulent bikes are not rare; luxury car giants like Mercedes-Benz and BMW haven’t left it out of sight. Other option include Kinfolk foldable bicycles, Alfa Romeo Stradale, Cannondale OnBike bicycles and the Hermes bicycles or the stunning custom-made Damien Hirst bikes to name a few. And if you haven’t managed to procure any of these yet, a light power bike is weighing as little as 6-lb is in the offing. Built by Fairwheel Bikes in Tuscon, the bike is said to have covered as many as 20,000 miles already.

The bike features front and rear brakes, a 10-speed rear gear, a 2-gear chainset and wheels made with carbon fiber rims with titanium spokes. Sadly the bike is not up for sale, but if you decided to build one for yourself, it could cost you about $45,000.

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