A look inside the gold-plated private jet of Ukrainian President

We are pretty sure a lot many of you would love to be in the shoes of the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. President Yanukovych had the good fortune of inheriting his predecessor, former President Viktor Yushchenko’s $90 million private aircraft. The aircraft A-319-115XCJ took a team of specialists three years to built and is a fifth generation aircraft. Customized in every possible way, the interiors reek of gold by which we mean gold-plated.

The state-of-the-art aircraft is furnished with a personal office, conference room, kitchen, separate compartments for delegates, rest area and storage space. The interiors are furnished with neutral upholstery while the panels, tables and cabinets are made from light lacquered wood giving off a contemporary vibe. The bed is draped in high-end Jacquard fabric and a gold framed mirror looms over the bed frame on the wall.

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The lamps in the bedroom and bathroom are luxuriously or garishly gold plated too. To top it off, the bathroom is fitted with sink made from pink marble and gold-plated faucet. It appears the Ukrainian President is living large like a king while the taxpayers continue to foot the bill.



[Avianews via Therichtimes]

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