A new line of Maserati GranTurismo S MC Sport cars just for the Middle East and Italy

If you live in the Middle East or Italy, and are looking for a modified version of the Maserati the 440HP GranTurismo S, then you need to act really fast! Twelve matt White “ice” colored versions and eleven Matt Bianco Fuji with opaline shades for each location respectively, are all set to be upgraded and up for grabs under the “MC Sport Line”.

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The number of cars is set to twelve because as Maserati puts it, those are the number of world titles won in the FIA GT International Championship since 2005 by their MC12 racer. Also there are exactly twelve cities in the Middle East where Maserati has its showrooms. Each acr in the line will spot a plague on the inside with the name of the city where each show room is situated.

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