A new luxury train journey to take you from Moscow to Nice

Every time I see an outstation train pull into a station, I wish I could be onboard to embark along much needed exotic vacation. While I may not be so lucky, people in Moscow will enjoy their long ride as the new luxury train sets the pace to travel between Moscow and Nice. Painted in red-and-grey strips, the train is under the ownership of the Russian Railways (RzhD). The 12-carriage trains will feature one-second class, six first-class, and three luxury-class carriages with two dining cars. The train will take 53 hours from Moscow and make another 50-hour journey to Nice.

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The trains are adorned with paintings by the French master Matisse and are well carpeted. Each compartment is said to have private showers, toilets, and televisions for a comfortable 3,300-kilometre run. The train would take 22 stops en route; ticket prices start at 306 euros (second class) and can go as high as 1,200 euros (luxury carriages). For now, the train is scheduled for a weekly run.

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