Abandoned Ferrari Enzo worth £1million to be auctioned off by Dubai police

Ferraris don’t usually end up in impound lots. Also, Ferraris aren’t too familiar with collecting dust for months, particularly a limited-edition Enzo. One of 399 in the world, this Ferrari Enzo was impounded by officials in Dubai last year, after the Brit owner decided to skip the country and abandon his red beauty in an attempt to escape fines and piled up parking tickets. Daily Mail reported that this ‘£1million limited edition Ferrari is to be auctioned in what is thought to be the most expensive police sale in history.’

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Sporting a 5998c aluminum V12 engine capable of 660bhp and a top speed of 217mph, the beautiful car is one of the 23 super luxury vehicles including Porsches, Corvettes, Mercedes, BMWs, Infinitis, Range Rovers and Dodges to be auctioned off by the police.
Also, those wishing to bid for the car will be required to pay an advance of Dhs50,000 (£8,500) before the sale while a simple entry to play spectator costs Dhs110 (£20).
[Daily Mail]

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