Add the Pro-Line 21 Hawker 800XP Quality Aircraft to your hangar

Chartered airplanes are a boon if you need to be in many places at once, or just can’t seem to make it on time to catch public flights, you need a classy aircraft. One such beauty is the Pro-Line 21 Hawker 800XP Quality Aircraft. The place features white exteriors and comes with the original 2002 Passenger configuration to accommodate 9 – 10 guests. The plane has forward club leather seats, AFT single seat and a three place divan plus a belted LAV and jump seat.

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You can also opt for the AI Airshow 400- Entertainment System, which comes with a CD and AI MCD-104-01-x / AI DVD-024-0x-x- options, two 10in LCD screens AI-LCD142HPx, the Magnastar C-200- Belted phone system, a lavatory seat, storage drawers, a Microwave and Coffee machine. The Pro-Line 21 Hawker 800XP Quality Aircraft is listed on JamesList for $ 5,650,000.

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