Air New Zealand to get tech-savvy by giving power to the economy seats!

I’m guessing Air hostesses onboard the Air New Zealand can finally rejoice! At least thanks to this addition on the new Boeing 777-300 aircraft, they won’t have to plead to their flier to turn off their gadgets like notebooks, Smartphones and iPods! As a part of the new makeover, fliers in the economy seats will have access to PC power, USB and iPod connections, plus they’ve even thrown in improved sleep pillows for good measure.

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What’s more, those flying the 12-hour long flight from California to Auckland will also witness changes including new designs on couch seats by Recaro called the SkyCouches where eleven rows of three seats can convert into beds. And for those travelling in larger numbers, there’s a special offer: If you buy all three seats, they can be converted into a couch, and the third seat will be available to the flier at half the price! Now that’s called power flying!

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