airBaltic in-flight shopping includes real-estate

Building castles in the air, usually means daydreaming. But not if you plan to fly the Latvian flag-carrier airBaltic. Famous for selling in-flight items such as Mini Coopers for €25,000 ($30,300) apart from the regular perfume and spirits, the brand will now sell real estate to passengers as well. The service offer flights between Riga hub to over 60 destinations worldwide, and will offer €30-vouchers ($36) which in effect will save the passenger as much as €9,500 ($11,530) on final purchased of the property from a partner broker.

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Plans include a 50% discount over the €9500 ($11,530) on parking on a fully-furnished luxury apartment worth €239,000 ($290,200) at Martas Street 7, Riga. Other properties with discount include luxury apartments on the Lake Coast, called the Pearl worth €145,000 ($176,000) (discount worth €2000 ($2430)) and plots at Marsili, Baltezers at €25 ($30) per square feet with at discount of €1500 ($1820).
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