Greener and luxurious – Airbus teams with Qatar Airways for a carbon fiber airplane

While most aircraft manufacturers are comfortable with “aircraft grade aluminum”, the folks at Airbus and Qatar Airways seem eager to embrace the future and have pulled the veil off a one-of-a-kind plane that uses carbon fiber extensively. Those who’re closely in sync with the automobile world will know that carbon fiber is often used in sports cars since it’s an extremely durable and lightweight material. The Airbus A350 will shed a significant amount of weight, given the fact that it’ll use carbon fiber for 50% of its construction.

The lighter material will help the A350 use less energy to fly, making it an energy-efficient choice for Qatar Airways. The plane will also help passengers’ combat jetlag by using LED lights in the cabin that will mimic the sun’s glow. These lights will be timed with natural circadian rhythms and are energy efficient too. Amongst other features, the new Airbus A350 will also sport an air filtration system that will change the air in the plane every 2 to 3 minutes. The planes are also slated to be roomier, for better passenger comfort. Qatar Airways will be the first airliner in the world to add one of these technologically advanced commercial aircrafts to the fleet.





[ Via : Ubergizmo ]

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