Airbus 380: A $500 million gift for someone who owns it all!

While gifting your loved ones, which means a lot, timing or occasions are barely any essences. But still, with the season of sharing just around the corner, the December issue of the Robb Report has put together a very exclusive “Ultimate Gift Guide” for those lucky souls who don’t know what to gift family and friends, especially after they have showered them with everything that money can buy. And the coveted title of the world’s most expensive gift this year goes to… the Airbus A380, the largest jumbo jet in the world and a customized mega-yacht, both tailor-made by celebrated designer Patrick Knowles. Priced at $500 million, this masterpiece set of two has its interiors customized to create a personal brand complementing each other specifically for each of its owners.

The only catch here is that while you may book this beauty of a gift for the holiday season, looking at the backlog of customizing an A380, building a mega-yacht and finally delivering them, its owners will have to probably wait for at-least a good six years to see this one in their possession.

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