Airbus unveils transparent plane concept for 2050

I admit, this is going to give me nightmares for sometime. Anybody who is scared of flying will have nightmares – a transparent plane it seems! It is easier to accept transparent cars but not something that is not grounded. Although Airbus only plans to launch it by 2050, the very thought is nerve-tingling. Through the aircraft cabin, passengers can see the bright sky (what about when there is a storm!). There would be intelligent interactive games, for instance virtual golf! The first, business and economy cabins will be bifurcated into cabins offering ‘zones’ of relaxation.

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Passengers can do all sorts of daily activities as the cabin will be able to ‘identify and respond’ to the travelers’ needs. There will also be a ‘smart tech zone’ where passengers can enjoy a complete luxury service as if on ground.
The Airbus Concept Cabin was unveiled at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

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