Airlines introduce “super first class” cabins to pamper the luxury-loving flyer

Blame it on the tough competition or the recession, but airlines are leaving no stones unturned to woo the elite flyers. The latest effort to please the first class flyer has led to many airlines unveiling the ultimate in luxury travel- super first class! Yes, now the already pampered first class flyer can experience the ultimate in luxury air travel courtesy the new super first class cabin that comes complete with a 6ft 7ins bed, leather interior, wash unit and room service. You can find these super first class cabins on the Etihad, Emirates and Singapore Airlines. The super class cabins also boast of a 23-inch television, inbuilt massager, cuisine selected by famous chefs, and a choice of champagne including Billecart-Salmon, Brut Blanc de Blancs 2002 or Baudry Brut Rose. Singapore Airlines has 12 super first-class cabins on its Heathrow to Singapore route, while Etihad has 12 cabins on flights to Abu Dhabi. Emirates have 14 cabins on its seven-hour flight to Dubai.

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As you know, luxury comes at a price, these super first class cabins boast of extremely high price tags. Singapore Airlines offers the most expensive cabin, charging $5756 for a one way super first class ticket from London to Singapore. Etihad on the other hand are charging $3468 for a one way first class ticket to Abu Dhabi, while a one-way cabin ticket from Heathrow to Dubai with Emirates costs $3662.
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