A delight for on-the-go travelers – Airstream’s new miniature version of its silver trailer

Don’t we all crave casual countryside travels once in a while? Well, to make these craved road trips easier, efficient, and a tad bit more relaxed is Airstream’s new bullet called the ‘Basecamp’. Beating the only downfall of the brand’s iconic silver trailer, this new recreational vehicle is a slimmer and more compact version which is bound to make road traveling much more comfortable.

Even with weight and spacing dynamics slashed down, the Basecamp promises to offer every bit accommodative and storage luxury you may be looking for. Inside it, you can a bathroom with a toilet and shower with a pass-through head for use outdoors, a kitchen with a cooktop, a stainless steel sink, and a refrigerator, a wireless Bluetooth-enabled Bose speaker system, and convertible multi-use rear space. Furthermore, it gives you alternatives for an enclosed patio or rear tent that extend directly off its roof.

While all these amenities may make it look like the very best already, there’s more in store. Designed to handle even the toughest terrains, the wagon comes with larger wheels suitable for off-roading, a steep departure angle for better switchbacks and ground clearance, an aerodynamic shape that reduces fuel consumption, and wheel flares and side skirts that protect the undercarriage from debris. Weighing 2,585 pounds and measuring just 16 feet long and seven feet wide, the Basecamp can easily be attached to and towed by small and mid-sized SUVs as well as crossovers. This compact on-the wheels home will cost you $34,900 for the base model with dealers already taking in orders for its October arrival. Could on-the-go travels be made any more convenient?



[ Via : Countryliving ]

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