Airstream’s new 27-foot Euro-styled silver trailer harkens back to the company’s origins

Airstream, the longest-tenured RV manufacturer in North America, has introduced a new model into their product line-up. The company’s newest camper, which wears the same iconic riveted aluminum look on the outside, is a tribute to Airstream’s origins. Almost 70 years back, Airstream’s founder Wally Byam and his friend traveled around Europe in an Airstream silver bullet with the words “Globe Trotters” painted on the outside. The storied name has been brought back and now adorns on the side of the new 27-foot trailer. The new Globetrotter was built in collaboration with the renowned UK design studio Astheimer Limited and features “European touches” added to Airstream’s classic bullet shape.

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“We created the Globetrotter to capture the spirit of Wally’s wanderlust, Neil’s fondness for Europe, and their mutual love of modern design. The end result is a travel trailer that blends the classic Airstream look with a style that truly sets it apart,” said Bob Wheeler, President and CEO of Airstream. Made to sleep up to six people, the trailer comes with a European-inspired interior aimed at people who “like comfort but don’t like clutter,” according to Wheeler. The clean and minimalist interior features a heavy dose of contemporary sophistication with premium finishes and fixtures, including aluminum walls, panoramic windows, a curved headboard and cabinets, wrap-around upholstery, recessed speakers and backlighting throughout. The trailer can also go off-grid with an optional solar package that includes two 80-watt solar panels, two batteries, and an inverter. The Globetrotter is available in dark walnut and natural elm themes with a choice of four color palates: blue, cream, grey, or slate. The 27-foot trailer is priced at $99,900 and should reach the dealerships across the US by the end of this month.

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