Alfa Romeo 4C to debut at 2013 Geneva International Motor Show

The fast and furious Alfa Romeo is stepping in the U.S this year. The Italian Auto Giant has released some interior shots of the two-seater 4C sports car before it is revealed in March. The shots depict the car’s neat curves in the dashing red color. It also features the plush interiors of the car, including a flat-bottomed steering wheel with paddle shifters, stylish leather-strap door pulls, and heavily bolstered bucket seats with exposed carbon fiber. While some models might use will a traditional ignition key and a manual parking brake. Others will be equipped with a pushbutton gear selector or the digital instrument gauge cluster.

Alfa Romeo Italian Auto Giant is all set to reveal the 4C sports coupe’s at the Geneva Auto Show next week. It is also reported that Alfa Romeo 4C will be available for purchase in 2013, and it will be the first car to mark the return of the Italian brand to the United States.


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