All super-luxury BMWs will now come with a unique logo to mark their exclusivity

BMW has revealed a new unique logo which will soon adorn all its super-luxury cars. This move can be seen as an effort by the Bavarian automaker to put all the best of its models into a distinct product category and establish their exclusivity from the rest of the line-up. According to BMW, the much anticipated BMW 8 Series and BMW X7, in addition to the BMW i8 hybrid sportscar, the 7 Series and the upcoming BMW i8 Roadster, will be categorized as BMW’s “elite models.” According the German marque, “The flagship models in the BMW portfolio embody a new understanding of luxury – one which brings together emotionality defined by inspirational aesthetics and the joy of driving with the experience of freedom and self-determined individuality.”

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The new logo is a tweaked version of the current insignia; it takes the iconic BMW badge and turns it black-and-white, a style which the company used more than 100 years ago. Along with the monochromatic look, the company name, “Bayerische Motoren Werke,” will be written out in full to highlight the brand’s history and new “understated aesthetic.” The new black-and-white logo is set to premiere at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 14.

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