All five models of $2.7 million Bugatti World Record car sold out

Signaling the revival of the luxury car market is this latest news from Bugatti which states that the famed supercar brand has sold out all of the 1.95 million Euros ($2.7 million) World Record cars. Yes, according to reports, all five of Bugatti’s World Record cars, dubbed to be the globe’s fastest serial-production cars, have been reserved. The supercar, which has a top speed of 415 kilometers (258 miles) per hour, was debuted at the Paris Auto Show this week. This news indicates that luxury cars are back in demand and that the auto market is all set for a boom once again.

Besides Bugatti, Fiat SpA’s Ferrari have also claimed to have sold out their most expensive models while other famed car makers like Bayerische Motoren Werke AG and Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz are targeting a 10% increase in their sales.

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