Aloha Concorde – This Airbus concept can take you from London to NY in 60 mins

We’re always looking to close the gap between destinations and high-speed travel is constantly making rapid (pardon the pun) progress in the respective field. The latest theory/concept/proposition comes in the form of a super-high-speed jet that could possibly traverse the distance between New York and London in one single hour i.e. 60 minutes i.e. 3600 seconds i.e. the length of a single episode of Top Gear.

The ‘Ultra-Rapid’ plane concept that is, as of now, a patent filed by Airbus, would potentially hit outrageous speeds of Mach 4.5 which is the equivalent of four and a half times the speed of sound. At that rate, a trip around the world would no more than a few hours giving you enough time to pick up those Jimmy Choo’s from Milan, grab a sun tan in Majorca, scoot over to Japan for a quick suit pick up and head on over to LA to attend the red carpet for a premier of a new movie. With its turbojets and rocket engine, the ‘Ultra-Rapid, or whatever it’s going to be called if/when it goes in to production, could easily run circles round the fabled Concord.

According to one source, the jets would enable the plane to be vertically lifted off the ground at supersonic speed and once it attains the required height, hydrogen-powered, wing-mounted ramjets would push it forward. Of course all of this leads me to wonder if we’d all require some sort of astronaut training for these flights and if we’d get any in-flight service that wouldn’t be floating around the room. And speaking of in-Flight entertainment, along with the design of the ‘Ultra-Rapid’ plane, Airbus has also filed patents for various in-flight features like entrainment helmets, standing seats etc.

Naturally all of these concepts are just ‘up in the air’ at the moment and sci-fi-like fantasies that are possible, but not anytime soon. So it’s a matter of a waiting really, before we can finally make it around the world in 80 minutes.

[Via – Mashable]

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