Along with baggage Uzbekistan airways will start weighing passengers

Uzbekistan’s home airline Uzbekistan Airways may be the one forcing you to curtail on those calories! We have recently learned that the Tashkent-based airline now compels passengers to check their weight before jumping on the aircraft! Before you totally stress out, let me add that they claim to weigh you only to determine average weight of travellers with hand luggage!

Don’t worry all that much, the airport staff just send you to a weighing station before you board and you simply walk out of there like nothing even happened! Luckily for you and me, that little number will have no effect on the amount you paid and also, it will not really be seen by anyone.

Before you strike Uzbekistan Airways off your list, let me tell you that Samoa Air too had initiated a similar procedure back in 2013.

[Via – Fortune]

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