An absolutely impressive and awe-inspiring superyacht

The first thought that crosses the mind when you see an image of this yacht is that it looks like an invention of a sci-fi movie, and with its super sleek and sexy body one would think it belonged to Phantom or James Bond. This 70m (230 ft) super luxurious and flamboyant yacht, called the Xhibitionist designed by designer Eduard Gray is powered by diesel –electric hybrid system and has fast charging batteries. This super yacht can host parties with upto 600 people on board. It is designed in a manner by which the interiors can be reconfigured depending on the type of celebration. It has a few read made “modes” that can be set up. The Guest mode is set up to welcome people for receptions or parties and with a Steinway piano displayed in its full glory it oozes style. On the other hand the Retail mode allows partitions to be put up from where different outlets can operate and the Showroom mode sees the interiors cleared out to accommodate even cars if need be for display.

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The restaurant on board can accommodate between 220 to 350 guests and along with the conference rooms, lounge areas, catwalk and fashion show facilities, product presentation areas this yacht is uber chic. Night time entertainment includes a bar, casino, a discotheque and night club. The highlight of this is the deployable platform at the front of the craft that can unfold to make space for three helicopters or can be used as a stage area for bands and performances. Not to mention it will have the usual sun-deck, jaccuzzi and a large viewing window. Work of the Xhibitionist is to begin soon and she will be in the waters in about two years.
So you have time to plan “the party” aboard the Xhibitionist that will spell of class and luxury of panache and style.


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