An armor-plated BMW is under making for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall

We’ve covered a couple of posts on armored cars built for political icons like President of India and South Korean President too, not forgetting President Barack Obama’s Beast. Renowned car brand – BMW had, in 2011, announced its 7 Series High Security, a high-tech cruiser that ensures the security of its owners. Now again, in 2013, the luxury brand is rumored to have gone a step ahead, building an armor-plated high-security vehicle for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Nicknamed the ‘uber technical land yacht’ by experts in its field, and still at its testing phase at Scotland Yard, the BMW new entrant claims to be the ultimate high-security vehicle.

The $464,000 worth rider, though it shares a few advanced features with its 7 series brethren, is pumped up with additional features: removable bulletproof windscreens, anti-kidnap remote locking mechanism, and an anti-terrorist device enabling the engine to be started from 150 yards to avoid explosions. Apart from these, the car is equipped with a poisonous gas detector that automatically shuts down windows and doors, activating the oxygen supply.


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