And this is the first image of a Bugatti Chiron crash

If you own a luxury car like the Bugatti or its likes, even the slightest scratch on its body could make you cringe. Now imagine ramming your luxe drive right into a ditch. A horrid thought, right? But, that was exactly the fate of a beaming new Bugatti Chiron that recently got “ditched” in a road accident.

The Chiron was being driven by one of the Bugatti test drivers when it had its unfortunate crash. While details of the accident are mostly unknown, the company’s official spokeswoman – Manuela Höhne confirmed to German tabloid Bild that – “The driver was, unfortunately, a little inattentive, which is why the car landed in the road ditch but “Fortunately nobody was hurt.” While the company may want to shift the onus onto the driver’s “inattentiveness”, being a vehicle which was being driven around for testing the accuracy of its parts and settings, the driver may not be one to blame, at least not entirely.

Hours after the clash, GTBoard also uploaded a picture of the junked out car being towed away by what looks like a piece of heavy construction equipment, that seemed to drag the Bugatti by its four wheels. Probably this particular Chiron was indeed too ill-fated to even be escorted back by an actual tow truck! The uneventful fall is apparently the first public road crash of the $2.5 million model. Hoping it would the last as well!


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