Armored Jaguar XJ Long Wheelbase Offers Ultimate Protection

The world can be a hostile and dangerous place with hundreds of war zones around the world at any given time, plus many countries where assassination and kidnapping are routine. Despite wars and organized criminal activity, life has to go on, and there are some people who feel the need to travel in the car befitting their position in life. Jaguar is a beautiful, fast car that combines intelligent, relevant technologies, and contemporary luxury. Jaguar’s Armored XJ Long Wheelbase luxury saloon car is an armored passenger vehicle with capabilities far beyond the needs of day to day transportation with added security, without compromising the ability of the car. This armored version is an executive car of pure elegance, housing a masterpiece in craftsmanship, advanced technology, and serious protection. The luxurious British product styled with the understated elegance offers protection from firearms and blast attack, robbery, kidnap, and carjacking. The protection which provides an extremely high degree of reassurance and makes the Armored Jaguar XJ Long Wheelbase the car you can rely on!

From the exterior, this armored pouncing cat is virtually identical to the standard XJ bringing absolute discretion to owners. However, appearances can be deceptive, as the new Armored XJ Long Wheelbase is heavily armored, featuring significant modifications like bullet-resistant laminated glazing, underbody protection, steel-armoring, and run-flat tires. Few marques on the road today have a heritage as rich and distinguished as Jaguar and the distinguished heritage continues with every Jaguar. Here is a list of detailed specifications-
-All vehicles are fitted with a 4.2 V8 N/A Petrol engine.
– Available in both left-hand and right-hand drive
– All vehicles are to Sovereign specification
– Compliant with B6 ballistic level of protection
– Side blast and under floor grenade protection
– Independent ballistic and blast certification
– Uprated suspension, handling, and braking system
– Wheels fitted with run-flat tire system
– Fuel cut off over-ride

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