Artificial intelligence and not the driver will be behind the wheel of future Audi’s

2020 may be a landmark year for Audi. The car maker along with the renowned processor manufacturer nVidia will bring fully automated driving to the roads by the end of this decade. At the ongoing CES expo showcased an Audi Q7 which using neural networks and end to end learning on nVidia’s artificial intelligence platform to navigate a complex route. it is basically a self learning car that with every driven mile knows more and more about the driver and the roads and also reacts to unpredictable situations like roadblocks, changes in the weather etc. Taking this platform ahead Audi will begin testing automated cars on public roads in California and other states. The first product or iteration from this technology will be the next generation Audi A8 which will come with ‘Traffic Jam Pilot’ which will essentially let the car take over the steering, throttle and braking at speeds upto 35 mph. Essentially it will make the car autonomous in city traffic.

It will be interesting to see how luxury car manufacturers add value to a ‘self driving car’. If the boring urban commute is fully automated would you still overspend to buy a German saloon?

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