Artistic Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics No 2 sculpture unveiled at Detroit Auto show

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and who can claim it true but an artist… especially if they belong under the same umbrella of something as striking as the Mercedes-Benz. During the 2011 North American International Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz featured an astounding sculpture entitled Aesthetics No 2 created by Mercedes-Benz’s Interior Design in Germany. Inspired from the car’s ‘calm, coherent yet passionately emotional design’, the head of design Professor Gorden Wagener says that in the art work the team allowed ‘creative fantasy to develop freely without constraints. They also derived ideas from nature’s wonders including desert and canyon landscapes while also incorporating architectural and aeronautic theories.

The sculpture measures 5.6 x 1.83 x 2.6 metres and consists of a finely wrought frame painted in alubeam liquid metal. The sculpture also promises of the 125-year old brand’s future innovations.

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