Aston Martin releases limited edition art collectibles

British manufacturer of luxury sports cars Aston Martin has perfected the art of producing fast, sleek, sexy masterpieces that consistently rank among the most desirable, the collectible, automobiles in the world. Dedicated to the brand’s antiquity and legacy, Aston Martin has released a limited edition selection of artwork and prints, for any serious Aston Martin memorabilia collector.

aston-martin-artwork-4The limited edition collection includes photographs, painting, sketches, sculpture, that traces the fabulous history of British automaker. From a stunning image of the iconic DB4, shot by the celebrated photographer Louis Klementaski to a striking Aston Martin publicity shot of the 1980’s V8 Volant, the artwork collection is the complete package for any Aston Martin enthusiast.

aston-martin-artwork-3Each limited edition artwork comes complete with certificate of Authenticity.


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