Aston Martin teases a soon-to-be collaboration with Tom Brady

Post winning what maybe the most exciting Superbowl LI MVP game ever, Tom Brady has evolved as the hottest star in shining light! Tapping onto his ever so popular and undisputed winning history in football is British Automaker Aston Martin, that recently posted a 30-second long video on social media channels, giving fans a que on the brands next new face! The teaser’s debut that was shared ahead of Brady’s overtime win against the Atlantis Falcons on February, 5 lovingly provokes fans by stating – “Tom Brady and Aston Martin – Coming Soon.”

YouTube video

Being one of the only two players and the sole quarterback to win five Super Bowls on one team, Tom Brady has become a lucrative name for brand endorsements. In line with his popularity, the New England Patriot has endorsed a number of brands in the past, including the likes of Uggs, Under Armour, Movado, and Glaceau Smartwater. In 2016, the sports superstar also started appearing in a Beautyrest Black commercial campaign for Simmons Bedding Company and has also launched his own line of vegan snacks.

Speaking of the new Aston Martin and Tom Brady trailer, it features a close up of a football helmet, football-themed vignettes, and elements of an Aston Martin car. It can well be guessed that the new collaboration is in line with the marquee’s DB11 release, however there is no official confirmation on the same yet. All said, we’re hoping the prospective collaboration is just as promising as the trailer shows it to be!


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