Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato concept is a real beauty in red

What could result when luxury carmakers Aston Martin join hands with Italian coachbuilders Zagato? This beauty of a Vanquish Zagato concept. Surely not the first car under the joint banner, this one comes soon after the DB11 that blazed into the Geneva Motor Show, earlier this year. The Vanquish Zagato concept showed up at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, held at Lake Como in Italy on the 21st and 22nd of this month.

The first Aston Martin-Zagato car was rolled out way back in 1960 while the most recent avatar, the V12 Zagato arrived in 2011. The latter enjoyed a 150-unit production run and we’re hoping that the ‘Concept’ in the name doesn’t deny this beauty the same privilege. The carbon fiber car is modeled on the Vanquish, which means that you in addition to the drop-dead good looks (that Aston Martin pull off so effortlessly) owners will brag of a 569hp V12, 6-liter engine.

While Zagato may have gone for every nook on this one, the Aston Martin essence is retained in the grille and the headlamps. Zagato has upped the ante in every other aspect with the retractable spoiler, twin-bubble roof, wraparound windshield style and bladed taillights. What adds to the beauty are the design aesthetics such as one-piece panels that reduce the splits on the body and an interior that is awash with carbon fiber and superior upholstery. It could easily be the Scarlett Johansson of supercars.