Aston Martin DB-ONE…breathtaking!

Ruben Vela is the new kid on the block but by the looks of it is here to stay. He has done to Aston Martin what the princess did to the frog (excuse my bad metaphorical sense). Not that the Aston Martin wasn’t good enough before but the newfound dynamism is worth looking at. Now, this Ruben guy happens to be a Spanish designer who just received his Master’s Degree in Automotive Design last year from Polytechnic University in Valencia. I’m sure he must have topped his class more than often. Speaking of dynamism reminds me that the DB-ONE Concept he designed is also widely based on the concept of dynamic lines and smooth curves. The front grille is larger in comparison to the other Aston models and looks quite prominent. The narrow slit headlights define the shape amazingly well.

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All in all, he has done a very good job of the ‘static motion’ theme. The extremely tapered rear and broad front hence is not the only oxymoron here. It’s very voluptuous for a car.

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