Aston Martin kicks off Q bespoke service at Geneva Motor Show 2012

Aston Martin, the luxury automobile manufacturer from Britain, decided to give its devotees many more than just those set of wheels that roll out of its assembly lines. The manufacturer has now swung open the doors of its new personalization program christened the Q to sculpt bespoke Aston Martin cars. More than just personalization in terms of leather, paint, and trims, the Aston Martin Q will also offer interior and exterior styling, allowing potential customers to purchase a one-of-a-kind personalized Aston Martin, built to their preferences. Aston Martin unveiled their fabulous new service at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. As far as we’re concerned, we’re pretty sure the luxury automobile manufacturer is bound to leave a bunch of buyers more interested than ever.

Press release states – The Virage and Cygnet models presented at Geneva have been enhanced and personalized to include unique color and trim finishes; each car is a one-off showcase for Q’s possibilities by Aston Martin. The Virage with a bespoke Mariana Blue satin paint finishes with an interior that includes blue carbon fiber saddle leather floor mats. Striking yellow detailing, together with exclusive concept components, including a header mounted track-day HD video camera, luggage rack, and striking forged, diamond-turned wheel, all of which have been developed by the team, illustrating the scope of the service and the lengths to which customers can go with their individual requests.
The Cherry Tree Cygnet translates this bespoke service to Aston Martin’s acclaimed Tailor-Fit city car. Finished in Cherry Tree raspberry paint with a kestrel tan interior, the Cygnet includes specially developed photographic leather headlining, as well as a tailor-made color-matched three-piece luggage set, unique brogue leather detailing on the seats, and a color-matched Brompton bicycle for extra-urban maneuverability.
In 2012, Aston Martin offered customers a remarkable fifteen models, including Rapide, the DBS Coupe, DBS Volante, Virage Coupe and Volante, DB9 Coupe and DB9 Volante, the V8 Vantage Coupe and Vantage Roadster, the Vantage S Coupe and Roadster, and the V12 Vantage. Also, the Cygnet city car and the One-77 supercar, and the V12 Zagato will join the line-up in mid-2012.
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