Aston Martin plans to build personalized cars for affluent buyers

Aston Martin is all set to join the bandwagon of automakers that create customized cars for their opulent owners. At last week’s Geneva Motor Show, Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman told AutoExpress he would like to lift the bar when it comes to the personalization of cars. He hopes to form a team of engineers and designers, mostly those who work on the largely hand-crafted One-77 supercar that would build any model a customer could ever dream of. The customization would include everything from just sprucing up interiors to completely re-bodied cars sitting on Aston Martin mechanicals. The One-77 is the best example of customizable beauties from Aston Martin. The car isn’t built on a production line but rather it sits stationary so that anything can be changed at will to meet the client’s needs.

Aston Martin fans who have always dreamed of getting their very own personalized Aston Martin’s will surely be overjoyed with this news.

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