At $8 million the Picchio Catamaran can be your personal island in the high seas

Drifting away has never been so luxurious. So much so that you’d even go adrift in style with Christian Grande’s Picchio Boat. The award-winning designer has conceived and crafted the catamaran de résistance that becomes a nest and a cradle, a reading room, a veranda, or even a personal island. A new series of accessories, called “Picchio Extra” further enhance its mainstay making it a milestone for millionaires.

The splendid boat blends with nature and its shades as celebrated elements, the wind and water are cited in its colors and finishes. Its concept and layout makes it totally “permeable” to light, sounds and scent of the sea. “Picchio Extra” plays perfect foil by sharing the same informal language, aesthetics and vocation. The boat’s square bow and a cleverly shaped deck make way for a dedicated marine tender, a rib exclusive and distinctive in terms of identity and recognition. The catamaran’s capacity calls out to the bicycle, foldable and designed to be unique in its kind, with a Brooks saddle, a teak handlebar and hand-made wheels in anodized aluminum. The said cycle was created in order to extend the privilege of owning a Picchio Boat even when you are not on board your personal island.

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Moreover, a new series of suitcases and travel bags, made of fine leathers and ropes, with natural tones and breathable inserts, are ideal to contain the personal belongings of the Picchio Boat owner and guests as well as complement their personal style statements. Also very complementing is a new director’s chair, channeling polished steel and teak. It has a specially designed shape with a “projection”, which gives it elasticity and “softness” and is foldable and easily storable. Foulards made of cotton fabrics in different combinations of colors, combined with beach towels in untreated or dyed fabrics add the final flourishes to the fashionable accompaniments.

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But first, achieving the $8 million catamaran will be no easy floating feat. The beacon of boating luxury will be out 2015. As for its “satellite” complements, while the marine tender will go for $80,000, the bike is to be $1,350. The travel set is priced at $4,000, the director’s chair is $677 and the foulards are for $135.

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