At the tender age of 21 Dhiaa Al-Essa, boasts of 30 luxury cars in his garage

There are many perks of being a rich kid. For one you can indulge in whatever fetishes you have, irrespective of the size of the dent in the pocket. One such Young Turk is 21-year-old Dhiaa Al-Essa whose garage has of 30 stunning cars parked. The latest addition to the kitty is the Ferrari 458 Italy. And what’s in the offing? A birthday gift consisting of two new supercars; one Bugatti Veyron and another Koenigsegg Agere. Well daddy dearest, a wealthy Saudi businessman sure has a taste and a big pocket for adding fuel to his car demands.

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So what does this dream garage have, you ask? The inventory includes four “red” Maranello, five Porsches, three Lamborghinis, two Rolls Royce and a Mercedes SLR McLaren. He even has a wish list: a Ferrari 599 Roadster! All his cars come with a custom number plate with the number 070. He even took his beauties for an airing between London, Montreal, Las Vegas and New York.

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