Atlantic Sea Hawk offers sea cruises with zero emissions

A green heart knows how to combine luxury with a sense of environmental balance. And if you want to go the green mile, Sauter Carbon Offset Design and Atlantic Motor Yachts have come up with a zero-carbon companion called the Atlantic Sea Hawk. The zippy yacht is a Hi-performance Zero Carbon 18 meter Cabin Cruiser that can hit a top speed of 50 knots. Powered by the solar array which uses Plug-in power sources, these sources are charged with an Allison Nickel Metal Hydride storage system. This helps to run Hotel services along with powering the express cruiser to hit maximum speeds, while keeping emissions to zero.

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The Atlantic Sea Hawk can feed as much as 11Mwh’s of electricity to the grid when plugged in, which can generate enough energy to balance out as many as 1,000 nautical miles of annual Carbon Neutral cruising.
Thanks Richard Sauter