Audi explains how to save up for an R8 in a cheeky 8 second video

Let’s face it, the Audi R8 is by no means affordable. Instead, this is one of those cars that a larger part of the population can only day-dream about. However, owning an R8 could be a lot easier, if you only learn to save every spare dime you can, or so Audi thinks. The German automaker recently unveiled a cheeky video, which shows you just about how much time you’d take to purchase the Audi R8, if you sacrificed a few daily necessities like coffee, or by switching to LED light bulbs. The video, called “How to save for an Audi R8”, has gained a lot of attention on social media too, thanks to its tongue-in-cheek tone.

If you want an R8 someday, but tend to be loose with your wallet, here’s five tips on how to #SaveForAnR8. You have to start somewhere. #WantAnR8

Posted by Audi USA on Thursday, September 10, 2015

According to Audi, switching to LED light bulbs helps save about $42 a year, making the R8 affordable by 2245. If that seems too far off in the future, you could also ditch cable television and save $1,476 a year, making the R8 affordable in the next 78 years. The video also suggests viewers to move to Kansas, and save $43,224 a year on rent, bringing the R8 dream as close to 3 years! While all of this might sound do-able to a determined few, we’re content with enjoying our daily cups of coffee in our Hondas for now!

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