Audi offers personalized paint etching on the R8 supercar

When it comes to luxury cars, customizations are next to impossible if you aren’t willing to spend on a special edition. However, with the Audi R8, the unmanageable may soon turn in your favor. The German marquee has recently unveiled a unique technology that allow owners to engrave custom patterns and graphics on the car’s surface with the help of a new technique. The patented process aims at providing a high degree of individualization with maximum efficiency and flexibility, as rightly stated by Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Member of the Board of Management for Production at AUDI AG.

With the help of the novel process, owners can choose designs of their own liking and have them imprinted on their beloved machines with ease. To begin with, the template of the desired pattern is placed on the component, after which a blasting system sprays a special powder onto the surface to roughen up the clear lacquer by a depth of a few thousands of a millimeter. As a final result, the owners can view their preferred pattern in a matted and homogenous form onto their Audis. Since the process simply modifies the paintwork and the intensity of the sheen, it can seamlessly be incorporated in the normal series production by the automaker.

The unique weather resistant individualizations are currently available in the Audi RB Coupe and open Spyder versions, with plans to extend the offer to other models in the time to come. Well, this just means you can have the kinkiest of designs flagged on the side blades of your R8, unless of course they cause infringement or harm to a third party. Time for Audi owners to wear their thinking (and creative) caps on, eh?

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