Audi A8 L Security car can race through a grenade attack

If you fear for your life when on the road, an armored vehicle is the need for the hour really. But just because you’re scared, doesn’t mean you can’t remain stylish right? And for that style icon in you, Audi will soon launch the 2011 A8 L Security, which can handle not just a bullet attack but also a grenade launcher with grace. The car will spot strategically placed armored steel, aramid fabrics, ceramic plates, special alloyed aluminum, and multilayer glass on the vehicle. And to ensure a smooth ride with all that pent up weight, the steering, chassis, and brakes have also been altered.

The wheel will feature synthetic rims to maintain speeds up to 50 mph even if the tires have been burst. The other security options on the car include fire suppressant system, emergency exit with detachable doors and an emergency air supply system.

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