Audi is the first car maker to attend the German Toy Fair

Kids nowadays are luckier than their parents were at their age. Or rather, you will find more motor enthusiasts at Toy Fairs now! At least at the German Toy Fair for sure. Why do you ask? It’s because Audi plans to showcase exclusive model cars and children’s toys right there, so why hunt to expand your collection elsewhere? The Audi exhibit will feature exclusive model cars, remote-controlled cars, stuffed cars, and an adorable Audi motorsports teddy bear! Another highlight for the toy fair is a 1:2 version of the Auto Union Silver Arrow Type C versions with a chain drive. And you can ride this baby too!

The aluminum space-frame and body paneled scaled car will feature hydraulic dual-disc brake with its speed controlled by a 7-speed hub gear with back-pedaling brake function. The scaled version will come with leather upholstered seats and steering wheel which can be removed to create an easier entry-exit passage!

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