Audi’s limited edition Q7 and R8 coming soon to Russia and UAE

To take over the luxury car market, German auto manufacturer Audi has set its sights on Russia and the United Arab Emirates. They will be offering country-specific limited edition models of Q7 sport-utility and R8 sports car for a sticker price of six figures. Relying on their success in selling their entire limited edition Black-and-White TT model in China, Audi is confident of duplicating the same in Russia and UAE. Audi hopes to woo wealthy buyers in Russia to shell out $285,000 for their Two-tone phantom black, turbo-diesel, V-12 powered Q7 late this year. They plan to offer special edition RS Pure Sport only in UAE for $136,000 in June.

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Audi’s main competitor BMW has been successfully doing this for some years now and Audi hopes to cash in.

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