Autophiles can drive a different luxury supercar every week in the UK

There is something positively reassuring about knowing the fact that you are more privileged than others around you. If that privilege entails the ability to drive a different supercar every week for a year continuously without having to buy all of them, one can truly feel luck is prioritizing them. is a luxury portal that now offers lucky individuals a luxury supercar delivered every week for a year, for a price of £245,900 ($376,500). The individual will get to choose from a menu of supercars thanks to a partnership between VeryFirstTo and Supercar Experiences. Some of the cars that are available for the lucky autophile to choose from are Ferrari 458 Spider, Lamborghini Aventador LP700, McLaren MP4 12C, Mercedes SLS and many new models that are yet to be launched.

This can even prove to be a great way of experiencing the comforts offered by each car manufacturer to invest in what they like later on.
Meanwhile, we had also covered truly ostentatious offers from VeryFirstTo like 1 million rose petals for your valentine and the world’s most expensive holiday, which takes you on a tour of 962 world heritage sites across the world.

[Via – Veryfirstto]

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