Autospace Garages are tailored to show off your prized cars

Do your car shopping plans go kaput just because you don’t have a place to keep them? Or do you want to build a Jay Leno style auto museum in the comfort of your home? The Britain- based Ecospace can help you realize the dream. They have developed a luxury garage concept called “Auto space”. These garages can hold one or many cars along with optional workshop space. You can also convert the space into a showroom of sorts, with the features like end-to-end glazing, cedar cladding made using renewable sources, multi-layered floor, and optional temperature control, modular storage systems, and electronic roller shutters. While the basic one-car unit, which is 6m x 3.4m x 2.8 m in size, is priced at £18,000 ($27,700). The pictured one with all the frills will cost you a cool £45,000 ($69,000). But then again, when did show-off luxury come cheap?

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