Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG Surround Sound System introduced for new Mercedes-Benz SL

Danish audio visual manufacturer Bang & Olufsen have teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to introduce their latest BeoSound AMG Surround Sound System. Bang & Olufsen has designed this surround sound system specially for the new Mercedes-Benz SL sports car. The sound system has been designed and customized to be completely compatible with the SL matching its interiors with angular solid aluminum loudspeaker grilles. Each of these grilles feature the Bang & Olufsen logo in keep with the interior aesthetics. The BeoSound AMG is energy-efficient with ICE power and 900 watts of DSP amplifiers to power the 12 Neodynium loudspeakers. The two LED-illuminated Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) lenses which are fitted on the dashboard is capable of high frequency sound in 180° horizontal plane.

The BeoSound AMG Surround System also boasts of the first Diamler-patented front bass technology. What this means in lay man terms is that the two 125 watt subwoofers in the car’s footwells delivers better sound in front of the passengers as well. In addition to all the fantastical features, the sound system is able to deliver superb sound quality even when SL’s roof is down with their Bang & Olufsen’s Vehicle Nose Compensation system which controls the noise, speed and climate control setting. Although this is not their first time teaming up, both Bang & Olufsen and Mercedez- Benz have hit a bulls eye with this collaboration.
[Bang and Olufsen]

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