Baubles for your Benz by Mercedes Accessories

Now don’t just get the car Accessorize it with trendy stuff. A dream for many the Benz has come out with cool trinkets to complement the car. Up for grabs with the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class — is a full line of high-end accessories inspired by the vehicle. MB’s leather trinkets, available in the classic black Nappa found in the cabin of the CL. Leather products consist of both a wallet and business card cases. The two offerings incorporate beige stitching into the black leather, mimicking the look of the trim in the CL’s cockpit. Next are the ash timber pens and umbrella handle, reminiscent of the wood trim found in the cockpit of the Benz. The exclusive driving gloves and instrumentation-inspired wristwatch are worth their hands and time! Smartly designed key ring and money clip, both with the MB logo etched into them, are also available.

There is a die-cast model of the CL out on the shelf. For the brand-conscious, its happy bling!bling!

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