Benetton B194-8 car that won Schumacher his first world championship listed for $2.1 million

Suppose you call yourself a true fan of Michael Schumacher, you must definitely remember his first world championship win. Not just that, you will also remember the winning car. It was the Benetton B194-8 car that won Schumi a world championship in 1994 in Adelaide, Australia. And yes, Benetton is the same famous clothing brand. But that’s beside the point. What we want all you diehard fans of Schumi and collectors of Schumi memorabilia to know is that this beauty in which the famed racer won his first world championship is actually up for grabs on JamesList! Said to be in excellent condition and complete with the original 3.5l Ford-Crossworth ZETEC R air valve V8 engine, this car has been listed for an asking price of €1.5 million ($2.1 million).

The car is currently located in Frankfurt, according to its seller. To know more or to make your purchase, just click here.

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