Who needs Spotify? Bentley’s upcoming electric car is so smart that it will use Artificial Intelligence to compose music in real-time according to match your driving style

The future of in-car entertainment might be very different than what we currently have and artificial intelligence (AI) will have a very important role to play in it. We are already witnessing how AI is revolutionizing the automobile industry with not only helping brands improve production and sales but also refine self-driving technology and even help drivers extract the most amount of performance from their vehicles. However, Bentley has found a completely new use case for the futuristic technology. The British luxury automaker wants to use AI to literally compose music in real-time to match based upon drivers’ inputs and driving style. Bentley has partnered with LifeScore, industry experts in the field of ‘adaptive music’, to develop an AI-powered entertainment system that will deliver constantly evolving soundtracks for every single one of your drives.

Bentley and LifeScore are currently working on creating and finetuning the complex algorithm that will analyze inputs such as engine RMP, gear-shifting pattern, acceleration along with the car’s location and the surrounding conditions to digitally compose a soundtrack on the go. Every journey will offer a completely unique and deeply personalized experience.

LifeScore uses world-class musicians, contemporary and classical instruments, and cutting-edge technology for recording at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios. Audio elements recorded in fully ambisonic (full-sphere surround sound) audio using more than 50 microphones form the building blocks (cells) of raw musical material, which can be used by the Adaptive Music system to create bespoke music.

Bentley says 100 billion unique music tracks can be composed for a 60-minute drive by the system and claims that it is an industry first. As of now, it’s a prototype that is under development and a demonstrator has been created to showcase the technology. Bentley says the futuristic tech can be a part of the company’s first battery-electric car.

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