Bentley shows us how self-driving limos could look 20 years from today

Self-driving cars will change the way the interiors of our favorite automobiles will look. The future of luxury cruising will be a blend of luxury and technology to create an ideal travel-pocket that will accommodate features to match the caliber of its prestigious passengers. The design concept displayed by the company is likely to arrive by 2036, which means that the future owners are most likely teenagers today or even toddlers.

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The company unveiled the futuristic design at an event in London. The interiors greet the occupants with two lavish sofa seats that face each other. To make it less of a vehicle and more of a suite room, the company envisions a coffee table between both the sofas. What Bentley have retained is the leather and wood exquisiteness that can be seen even in today’s models. In fact the company’s design boss has conveyed his willingness to go for leather substitutes to respect vegan sensibilities. To add to the futuristic influence the car’s components are 3D printed. There’s a holographic butler to do you bidding and a completely refurbished driver experience.
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It took 50 designers to envision and recreate the ideas of the future. Speaking to Autocar, Director of Design, Stefan Sielaff said, “With this image we are talking about the luxury atmosphere in our cars.” He continued, “You could imagine that this is the interior of an autonomous Bentley, even though many of our customers already do not drive themselves, because they have chauffeurs.”
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