Bentley unveils another Gigapixel – This time a Flying Spur in Dubai

For Bentley traditional advertising is passé. Last year the car maker collaborated used NASA technology to take a 53-billion pixel of the Bentley Mulsanne. That is 53,000 megapixel and to put it in perspective the iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel camera. The gigapixel image goes from a long shot of the Golden gate bridge, but as you zoom in more and more you can go up to the stitching of the Bentley logo on the headrest of the passenger seat. Bentley has decided to take a second gigapixel shot and this time it’s in the city of Dubai. The carmaker suspended a camera 833 feet on Cayan tower, Dubai’s iconic twisting skyscraper. The resulting panorama is created using the same technology uses to create panoramas of the Martian landscape from the images sent by the mars Rover. Along with the famed Sheikh Zayed road, city’s skyscrapers and the curvature of the earth it shows the Flying Spur W12 S.

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As you zoom in you the image focuses on the car and then on the insignia ‘B” on the badge bonnet. Interestingly if this 57.7 megapixel image was to be printed it would cover an entire football and a bit more.


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