Bentley collaborates with Linley for 10 limited edition Continental Flying Spurs

The Bentley Flying spurs will now have some additional oomph; thanks to collaboration, the brand has entered with British design company Linley. Meant for the Chinese markets, the cars will feature select Linley veneers in Santos rosewood on the fascia, console, waist rail, and roof console, which is a first for any car, ever. The Linley Helix Furniture Collection inspires the Linley Helix motif, and the car springs more surprises than you can imagine.

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Apart from a customer-commissioned Linley humidor modification to the rear console, you will also find a cigar cutter and ashtray back there. The car also sports a built-in fridge set just behind the armrest and rear console, with space to keep bottles. And for some fun family time, there is a picnic table with a pop-up vanity mirror concealed. Plus, they’ve also thrown in a “Linley branded leather bag with a sumptuous cashmere blanket and other Linley items such as a leather luggage tag“. Under the hood, the Continental Flying Spur has a 6-liter petrol engine that generates 552 bhp and propels the car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. Pricing is not available, but keeping in mind the Middle Kingdom’s growth and its voracious appetite for luxury, 10 of these babies would have been long sold out.

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