Bentley Continental GT Speed with a redesigned Breitling dashboard watch

Even when celebrities sneeze, it’s NEWS! So when a small (but impressively branded) thing like a redesigned Breitling dashboard clock seats its self on Bentley’s cars, its creating ripples in the blog world. With the launch of the new, most powerful Continental GT Speed, Bentley’s partner Breitling has premiered a new Swiss clock for the entire Bentley range. The timepiece features Breitling’s logo with the raised, winged B in gold and silver-plated hands. The minute circle has been slimmed down, and the hour circle passes by 12 numerals, with four larger numerals marking the quarters.

Like Jaeger-LeCoutre does for Aston Martin, Swiss watchmaker Breitling makes the dashboard clocks for Bentley road cars as well as a range of specially-designed wristwatches.